Happy New Year!

♡🎉🍸 Happy New Year! 🍸🎉♡

I just wanted to say Happy New Year’s, and I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve last night! I had a great time with my family just hanging out, watching football, and having fun being silly!

2017 was a very great year for me with writing. I released quite a few books, although, I did have most of them written so it was easy to release. This year will be a little slower in releasing since I don’t have any sitting to the side ready to go. Maybe I should’ve spaced them out some, but I’m so impatient! I wanted to share them with you lovelies right away. lol

So a bit of a recap of my 2017 releases…

Last January, I released One Taste of You (A One Taste Novel – Book 1). I was so proud of this novel. I entered this one in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest in 2015 and made the Top 55. I couldn’t have been happier. From there, I decided I needed to make it a series. I did try submitting it to publishers (at the same time writing book 2), and then decided to self publish it when I didn’t really receive the answer I wanted. *chuckles* So book 2 was ready to release fairly quickly since it had been sitting there with book 1. I released One Taste of Love (A One Taste Novel – Book 2) in February.

Next, came The Danger With Love, which released in April. This is my only full length novel that is not part of a series. Maybe eventually down the road I could if I run out of ideas on my other series.

I had a little break until July when One Taste of Crazy (A One Taste Novel – Book 3) released. This was a fun release. This was when I really started to utilize Facebook more and doing Takeovers in some amazing groups. I also created my own group, Love & Happy Endings, and have met so many amazing people. Love you lovelies to pieces! 💋❤

In the summer, the lovely Jane Blythe and I decided we wanted to release our Christmas novels together, so I got busy writing my Christmas story. Mind you, I was also editing and writing flash fiction and doing so many other author-y stuff at the time.

I released Paint By Murder (A Romantic Suspense Short Story) in September. This quick, but suspenseful short story was created out of my flash fictions I wrote over a course of a few months. I always get my prompts from my two beautiful little girls, and boy, they do challenge me with their prompts. I love it! I could’ve waited to release this, but I thought it’d be fun to release on my birthday!

During NaNoWriMo 2016 I wrote most of Deserving You (A McCord Family Novel – Book 3), and finished the rest at the end of the summer. I released that novel in October.

Of course, my latest release was Mistletoe Magic (A Holiday Romance Novel – Book 2) in December for Christmas. This, I have to say, has been my best release so far. Its ranks are still looking great! I want to say a huge thanks to everyone for your support!

And there you have it. My releases for 2017. A total of 6 full length novels, and 1 short story. Wow! That’s pretty amazing, but again, I had quite a few of these novels just sitting there waiting for me to do something with them. I can’t guarantee I will release that much in 2018.

So, my goals for 2018…

I’m in the editing stages for book 4 in my One Taste series, One Taste of Sin, featuring Stitch and Susan. They are quite the dynamic duo, and I can’t wait to share them with you! I’m thinking a February or March release! (I hope! *wink*)

I’ve started to write book 2 in my Lucky Town Novel series, and I am about 1/3 of the way done. It’s going super great. I’m going to keep myself motivated and write something every day, whether it be a few words, a few sentences, or a few scenes. I will write every day! Hopefully, this will release by the spring/summer. If you’re curious about book 1, check it out! Escaping Memories (A Lucky Town Novel – Book 1)

When I finish writing my Lucky Town series novel, I plan to start book 4 in my McCord Family Novel series. This series is always full of fun and family. They love fiercely and protect each other with everything they have. Love this family so much! Book 4 will feature Gabe and whoever his lucky lady is, I haven’t decided yet. lol I would like to have this release by the end of the summer or beginning of fall. I better keep my writing up!

Of course, I will release another novel for Christmas. Every year will feature a new character from the same town. I adore all of these characters, so it’s nice to see them return! Book 3 will probably feature Aiden’s best friend Bentley…and maybe Daphne. I haven’t officially decided that yet! You’ll be as surprised as me.

That’s 4 total full length novels I want to release this year, which is only 2 less than last year. Not too bad. If I can, I would like to take some of my flash stories, expand a bit, and release maybe one or two short stories, but we’ll see. I might be super busy with all these other novels.

Thanks for sticking with me on this long post and reading! You did, right?! Of course you did! *chuckles* It was kind of nice to look back and see all that I accomplished this past year. And whew! I can’t believe how much I did. Not only did I publish quite a few novels, but I’ve made so many new friends! That’s always so much fun!

If you haven’t seen my new banner yet, then here it is! Isn’t it so lovely?

With that, I just want to say again Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brings you much love, laughter, family, health, and books! Lots and lots of books!


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