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I love connecting with readers! I’ve done a few takeovers and fun events lately, and it’s always so much fun to interact with readers. I have a few events on Facebook coming up in June, what better way as a reader to keep up to date with me than joining my group Love & Happy Endings! It’s a closed group, but no worries, I’ll add you. *wink* In addition to keeping up with the events I’ll be participating in, I’ll also post excerpts, teasers, giveaways, and so much more, because I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Horrible memory, just in case you didn’t know. Oh, ARCs, yeah, I’ll be giving some of those out, too. (Psst…Book 3 in A One Taste series will be coming soon.)

If you never read one of my books yet, let me give you a break down of what I write. A romance with a definite happy ending! lol Okay, you wanna know a bit more. I love writing suspense, although you’ll find my suspense is on the lighter side. I also like to dabble in contemporary, but I’m partial to writing suspense. You can usually count on a sexy detective, sheriff, cop, or even an undercover FBI agent. Yep, I’ve written all of those so far. I’ve even been told I write awesome insta-love, if that’s something you love.

Is there something different you want me to write? Awesome! Join my group and let me know. This will be the place to bounce off ideas and have fun with me as I create some more amazing stories.

Have I enticed you yet to join me for some fun? No? Okay, how about this…just a taste of the fun you’ll have with me…when you join my group, I’ll give you any one of my books as a thank you! Because, without you wonderful readers, I would only be writing for myself, and I love to write stories for you! ♥

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