Merry Me

Are you ready for Christmas? Me too! hahaha I love Christmas. ♥ In case you’re wondering, there’s only 216 days left until Christmas. You’re welcome. Because I know you wanted to know that. *wink*

So I’ve been busy writing my Christmas story for this year. After changing my mind a lot, I decided to write another story that connects with the characters in Merry Me. But you know me, it’ll be a standalone. I’ve also been busy working on a great little surprise for Christmas time when the new book comes out. Ugh! Gotta work on my patience because I wanna tell you what it is. But I’m not! *chuckles, slightly evil like* I still love you, but it’ll be a great surprise!

Since Christmas is on my mind, it made me want to change my cover for Merry Me, not that anything was wrong with it. Just felt like changing it. Here it is!

How much do you love it! Because I’m loving it a lot!

Well, back to the grind of writing and planning and plotting and having a merry time! ♥

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