One Taste of Crazy is live!

Eek! It’s release day! One Taste of Crazy is finally here! Because I love you all so, so much, this lovely book will stay $.99 through August 7th! Get your copy today!

One Taste of Crazy

When it comes to women, shy and awkward are Detective Sauer’s middle name. And, well, the woman he wants to ask out is the exact opposite—loud and crazy. He can’t seem to form coherent words when Dee’s near. The minute she’s attacked, evidence connecting it to one of his murder cases, his shyness slowly starts to dissipate. Nothing will stop him from protecting her. Except maybe Dee herself.

Dee O’Malley isn’t naïve to think she’ll ever find love. Men never stick around. Ever. Not even a relationship with sweet, shy Sauer would last. But it’s oh so tempting to start one, especially when his kisses insist it’s possible. That doesn’t mean his kisses will stop her from finding the bastard who attacked her, something that riles him up. Besides, he’s adorable when he gets upset. And she can’t resist that.

♥ Warning: This novel contains a sexy detective. There is insta-love. But it’s book three so you probably know that already if you read the first two. *wink* Happy reading! ♥

Note: Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.


If you wanna have fun and help me celebrate, be sure to join my group (if you haven’t already) for a fun takeover event with some amazing authors tonight from 5-11 PM EST.

Love & Happy Endings

Lineup for the One Taste of Crazy Release Day Takeover Party Celebration:

5:00 PM – Kristina Beck

6:00 PM – Ember-Raine Winters

7:00 PM – K.R. Reese

8:00 PM – Renee Harless

9:00 PM – Jane Blythe

10:00 PM – Amanda Siegrist

Hope to see all you lovelies there! ♥


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