Paint By Murder is live!

Woohoo! It’s alive…umm…I mean it’s live! *chuckles* Can you tell I’m so ready for Halloween!?!? I’m super excited for today, because not only is it my birthday *throws confetti in the air*, but Paint By Murder released today! This romantic suspense short story is full of suspense, romance (insta-love at its finest), and intrigue…and it won’t take you too long to read:)

A chilling scene. A gruesome murder. Multiple stab wounds and blood drenched everywhere. It’s only a painting.

Ginny Appleby doesn’t create works of art with beauty and happiness. She paints brutality, death, and the pain hidden inside. He’ll never understand that. He’ll never understand her and why she does what she does. Her life has always been filled with terror. And if he sticks around, he’ll die.

Detective Alex Brands can’t assume anything other than Ginny is a killer. Why else would she paint such disturbing images? Why was an innocent woman murdered and the crime scene replicated just as she painted it? None of it makes sense. And his gut is silent.Until it rips through him so sharply he almost falls to his knees. She’s innocent… and in need of his protection. He’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe from a killer, even if she wants nothing to do with him. He knows what he wants. And he wants her with every breath in his body.

*Note: This is a romantic suspense short story inspired by weekly flash fiction I write. There is insta-love. Like, insta-insta-love. When they fall, they fall hard! Doesn’t that sound thrilling? You know it does! Happy reading:)


Oh, and I have an awesome giveaway on my Facebook Page pinned at the top. You can win a signed paperback of Paint By Murder, Follow Me, Sweet Darling, and some super duper sweet swag. Check it out HERE and enter to win! (US only…sorry!)

♥ Have a wonderful Thursday! ♥

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