Play ball!

Guess what’s here?!?! Baseball is back! If you didn’t know (or couldn’t guess it), I’m a huge baseball fanatic. Love my Minnesota Twins! And spring training has officially started. For me, there’s nothing better than baseball season. And yes, I’m one of those crazy fans that watches the game until the game is officially over. That means even if my team is losing by ten runs, there’s only one out left, one strike to go…I’m still glued to the television with the optimism that my team can come back and win. Game ain’t over until it’s over! *chuckles*

In honor of baseball finally here, Protecting You, (Book 1 in A McCord Family Novel) is Free from today (2/26/17) until March 2, 2017! And book 2, Trust in Love, is only $.99 from today (2/26/17) until March 3, 2017.

Why did I pick these two books you ask? Great question. Because the McCord’s love baseball. Like, love!!! Especially Ava, who’s a huge Yankees fan, but hey, I won’t hold that against her. But just so you know, the McCord’s love the Twins like me. *wink*

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