Support Indie Authors Monster Weekend!


It’s that time again! Support Indie Authors, a fabulous group of writers, is hosting another great book sale…on Halloween weekend. Eeeek! So exciting, especially because Halloween is such a great holiday.

Starting Friday, October 28 to Monday, October 31, you’ll be able to choose from a great selection of FREE and Discounted books. Sounds booootacular doesn’t it? Yep, it does!

I’ll be offering two books this time. Can you guess what one for sure? Can you? Can you? That’s right. Follow Me, Sweet Darling will be Free. Make sure you read it with all the lights on, or maybe just read it during the day. It might be safer. *cackles evilly* (Note: This is not a romance.)

The other book I’m offering isn’t as scary, but it will keep you guessing. Nothing like a great romantic suspense to keep your heart pumping. Escaping Memories ~ A Lucky Town Novel will be only $.99.

And I know you’re just dying to know what other authors will be participating. Trust me, they are amazing writers. So run on over, literally, you might want to run…is that someone behind you? *slow laughter* I love Halloween!

Meet all of the other authors and bookmark the website for the Monster Weekend coming up.

Enter Here for a Monster Weekend

Happy Halloween!


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