Yay! Flash fiction time…

So, I recently joined a really awesome, lovely group on Goodreads ~ Romance Writers & Readers. If you are a lover of romance, or even a liker *hehe*, than you’ll just love this group. We’ve been talking about anything and everything, from writing to just having fun.

One of the things in the fun folder is Flash Fiction. Each week, a new prompt will be given, and based on that prompt, we write a short little scene. Short is defined by the writer themselves. So, yeah, that means I’ll try to keep it under 1,000 words. Lol! I can’t help myself sometimes when I start writing. The story likes to take over.

I thought it would be nice to share my flash fiction with all you awesome people on my blog as well.

If you want to join the group that is full of some great people, head on over to Goodreads. We want you to join us!!! Romance Writers & Readers

Without further ado, I give you my first ever flash fiction here.

Prompt is: “Ugh,” she groaned.


“Ugh,” she groaned.

“Problem?” a low, soothing voice said from behind.

A flick of her finger to the form hanging on the billboard, she wanted to tear the damn thing down. “No, why would there be a problem? No problem at all that the new stick-up-his-ass boss has to create a sche—” Her words died as she turned around to stare at the man standing in front of her.

Two choices and she just had to pick the wrong choice.

Keep her irritation to herself.

Or talk bad about the new boss without giving a shit who heard.

Her luck sucked. Of all the people to hear, it had to be her new boss. That she hadn’t officially met yet.

His eyebrow rose as a cocky grin slowly grew. “Create what? Please finish.”

Her mother always told her she needed to learn how to curb her voice. To think before she spoke. To watch her foul language.

Yeah, she was never very good at listening to her mother. Why in the world would she start now?

Flinging a hand behind her to the work schedule that put a cramp in her style, she shook her head. “Yeah, there’s a problem. You messed with the schedule. I never close down the club. Rico does. I don’t even see Rico on the schedule anymore. Since when does Beth get to cash her ass out early and not work weekends anymore? We got a big problem here.”

He leaned closer, the same cocky grin adorning his very, annoyingly handsome face. And cinnamon. His hot breath, just mere inches away, smelled so delicious, she wanted to lean forward and grab a nibble.

What? No nibbling.

Hell, no. She hated the man. Not that she knew him at all, but she hated him.

“You must be Rissa. Tony told me that you always say it like it is. I’ve wanted to meet you so we could sit down and discuss these changes. I’m Slade.”

“It’s Clarissa to you, Slade.” Take a step back before you kiss him, idiot. She poked him in the chest. “Discuss away. Can’t wait to hear all about this shit.”

Backing away, not by much for her peace of mind, he rubbed his jaw and still refused to remove that grin. Adorable, she might add, the longer she looked at it.

Ugh! No way. He was an annoying, pompous ass who clearly enjoyed pissing her off.

“Well, Rissa, can I call you that? I real—”

“No, you can’t. I already told you to call me Clarissa.”

The cocky grin inched up. “I must’ve missed that part. So, Rissa, Rico won’t be around and I needed—”

“Did you fire him? What the hell is your problem? And it’s Clarissa.”

Advancing two steps, which made her back up against the wall to avoid touching him, his grin finally faded, replaced by a menacing scowl that had her a little worried that she should’ve listened to her mother. Just another prime example of what happened when she didn’t listen. Here goes her job.

“If you interrupt me one more time, you probably won’t like what I do.” His face inched closer, his sweet, cinnamon breath inches away again. “Or maybe you would.”

“I’m—” Nope, she couldn’t say sorry. She wasn’t. Okay, maybe a little, but she wouldn’t say it just yet. “I’m listening.”

“Rico went home for a while. His mother’s sick. That’s why he’s not on the schedule. Beth isn’t working late anymore because, after looking at some of the surveillance videos and checking her nightly reports, I think she’s skimming money from the register. I have a plan to catch her in the act.”

Two big arms encircled her. Not touching, but enough to cocoon her into a warm, safe haven that she oddly enjoyed. What would it feel like if he actually wrapped her in his arms?

Better yet. Why was he boxing her in like this?

“Why would you tell me about Beth? As the new boss, you’d think you’d know better than to tell another coworker about that.”

Blue eyes crinkled as the cocky grin emerged with vibrancy. “Do you ever hold your tongue?”

Sticking her tongue out and grabbing it with her fingers, she said, “Shhure.”

Laughter filled the small space. A rich, hearty laughter that had the words ‘I’m sorry’ on the tip of her tongue again for acting so rude to him. Damn, he had a great laugh.

“Tony was right. You’re perfect.”

Shying away, she frowned. “Huh?”

A hint of red touched his cheeks. “For the job.”

“I already work here.”

Brushing a strand of hair away from her cheek, she tried not to shudder from his light touch. “The new night manager position. That’s why I have you closing. I thought you’d be the perfect person for the job. It comes with a pay raise. Does that meet your approval, Rissa? Do we still have a problem?”

Why couldn’t he call her Clarissa? The way Rissa rolled off his tongue was too much. Too sexy. Too alluring.

Wait? Did he just tell her she was the new night manager? The one position she thought she’d never get in a million years.

Without thinking, because yeah, she didn’t do responsible things like that. She jumped forward and threw her arms around his neck. “Thank you so much. Oh my God! Thank you.”

Strong arms pulled her closer as a soft voice tickled her ear. “Does this joyous hug come with a kiss?”

Oh, man. She was in trouble now.


Hope you enjoyed this weeks flash fiction! Let me know your thoughts or any requests you have for next week! I’ll share it with the group…

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