Yay! #Flashfiction time again…

I love doing flash fiction every week now. I patiently await for the new prompt, my fingers just itching to start writing. This one made me think a little, but it worked out perfectly. This week you’re getting Kyle’s POV. *smiles*

Prompt: Tom


Still Five Years Ago…

 “I’m done. I’m out. I can’t do this anymore.”

“You wanted this, Kyle. You asked for this and now you want to back out. Just like that.”

“Tom…” Kyle rubbed his jaw. Junelle’s face punctured his mind.

The torture. The pain etched on her face at what she thought he did. He would never touch another woman. Never.

He loved her so much it hurt to breathe sometimes.

“We almost got him. Give me a few more days.”

Kyle nodded at his boss, Captain Tom Dorsher, and sighed. “This is screwing with my life. I should’ve never said yes.”

But he did say yes. He said it before he knew Junelle was his. And she was his. He wouldn’t lose her for anything.

“You knew it would be difficult when you signed up to go undercover. I’m not sure why you’re so surprised now. You’re doing a helluva job, Kyle.” Tom flicked his wrist, indicating Kyle could leave and there was nothing left to discuss.

Kyle didn’t wait. He had to talk to his June Bug. He had to make her understand the situation.

Except he couldn’t tell her the exact situation. He couldn’t say he was undercover trying to take down one of the largest drug dealers in town. He couldn’t say that woman he had his arm around was nothing more than a means to an end to make the bust.

He couldn’t tell her shit.

But he had to tell her something.

Kyle rushed from the precinct to her house, making it there in record time. Normally a twenty minute drive that he made in ten. Perhaps he should’ve driven slower. Now that he was here, he had no idea what to say. What would make her understand without creating more lies?

All he ever wanted to be was a detective. To solve crimes. To help people. To make a difference.

Being a beat cop sucked at times. That’s where everyone started. Nobody magically moved into detective status with a snap of their fingers. He was prepared to crawl his way up the ladder. Because, ultimately, being a detective was his dream.

Just like his dad.

Only three years on the force, already having the opportunity to go undercover to show his skills, he couldn’t pass it up. He just couldn’t say no.

Now, he wished he did.

Nothing was more important than Junelle.


He would make her see that.

Knocking on the door, he almost took a step back. Nobody ever called him a coward. Nobody would today either.

The door swung open.

An angel. Pure beauty.

Yet, the woman he loved the most in the world stood before him with the saddest look imaginable.

He put that there.

He made her cry. The tearstains still marred her cheeks.

“June Bug—”

“I’m not sure we have much to talk about, Kyle.” She held onto the door, her fingers blanch white. Probably just waiting for the opportunity to slam the door in his face.

“Can I come in? Please.” He had never begged in his life before. For anything. But right now, he’d get down on his hands and knees if he had to.

“I have to get ready for work.”

The door started to drift close.

He shoved his foot between the frame and slammed a hand to the door. “I would never touch another woman. Why can’t you just let me explain? Let me in.”

She had jumped back from him.

Did she honestly think he’d hurt her?

“But you were touching her. What would you call your hand around her waist, then?” Junelle curled her arms around her stomach.

“Something that isn’t what it seems, June Bug. I swear. You’re the only one for me. Please, you have to believe me. My job…I would never hurt you.”

Her brows rose at the mention of his job. Yet, she didn’t ask him to explain. He almost wished she would. Wished she demanded the answers. It probably wouldn’t take much for him to cave.

“June Bug, I—”

“Did you sleep with her?” Her bottom lip trembled. “You haven’t even slept with me.”

Kyle pushed the door open further and slammed it shut. He backed her up to the wall and grasped her face, wiping a tear away.

Brushing his lips to hers, he inhaled her beautiful scent, her sweet innocence. “June Bug, you are the only woman for me. I swear. I have never touched another woman and I never will. What you saw was nothing.”

He claimed her lips in a searing kiss, tangling tongues. Branding his taste on her. If he couldn’t tell her with words, he would show her with actions. Lifting her against the wall, her legs wrapped around him.

“I want the moment to be right. You’re special. You deserve everything.” He kissed her softly as he pressed into her.

“When will the moment be right? That woman—”

He broke her words with a kiss. “Stop talking about her. She’s nothing.”

Junelle dropped her legs and pushed him away. “You’re hiding something. Did you sleep with her?”


He wanted to cave. He wanted to tell her everything.

He couldn’t.

Saying anything could put her life in danger and that’s the last thing he’d ever do.

This wasn’t going like he planned at all. He had no words. Nothing that would make her understand without telling her the truth.

He just couldn’t do that.

“I already said no. You either believe me or you don’t.” Kyle rubbed a hand over his jaw. “You don’t believe me?”

Junelle walked to the door and opened it. “I need to get ready for work. Please leave, Kyle.”

He’d make it up to her when the case was closed. That’s all he could do. He couldn’t put her in the middle. The risk of danger was too great. It was already a little risky for her.

When she surprised him on the sidewalk, he hadn’t been able to stop himself from using her nickname. Tasha had asked him who June Bug was. He had tried to play it off as one of the many women he slept around with. Of course, he had no idea if she fell for it. He could only hope so. Because any sort of digging would blow his cover and put Junelle at risk.

He didn’t care what happened to himself, but no harm could ever touch his June Bug.

He started to walk out and then jammed his foot between the door before she could completely close it.

“I love you, June Bug. Whether you believe me or not. I’ll always love you.”


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