Popcorn Balls


One of my favorite parts about Christmas is all of the yummy goodies you get to bake. Popcorn balls are on the top of my list, and super duper easy to make! Those are the latest batch my girls and I made a few days ago. I’ve been trying to share. I really have. *chuckles* But I’m definitely going to share the recipe I have. So let’s do some baking!

Popcorn Balls

1 cup Light Syrup

1/2 cup Sugar

1 box Jello (any flavor you prefer)

13 cups of popcorn (per color of Jello)

1 stick of Butter

Wax paper

First, pop your popcorn. Once finished, slowly go through the entire batch to make sure you remove all the unpopped kernels. I normally pick up a handful at a time and sift it carefully from one big bowl to another. Next, count out 13 cups of popcorn. I do use a 1 cup measuring cup, but I do a big scoop where it is overflowing. So it’s actually a little more than 1 cup. Set that aside.

Bring syrup and sugar to boil. Stir constantly. Take off heat. Add Jello and mix it well.

This part might be a two person job. (I did do it myself because I didn’t want my girls handling the hot mixture. Slowly pour mixture over the popcorn and mix with two wooden spoons. (Okay, it doesn’t have to necessarily be wooden spoons, but they work the best. *smile*) Make sure it is mixed well. If you think you have too much mixture compared to popcorn, then just toss in some more popcorn.

Grease your hands with butter. Lots of butter! Lots and lots of butter! Lol. Actually you will periodically grease your hands with butter as you make the balls. Grab some of the popcorn mixture and form into a ball. Don’t press it too hard because it’ll be hard to eat, but press it hard enough that it stays in the form of a ball. hahaha Not to difficult to do that, right? *grins* Place ball on wax paper to cool down and harden.

And that’s it. Keep making popcorn balls until the mixture is gone. Now grab a popcorn ball and eat it! Yum, yum!

Have a very merry Christmas! I might be back next week with a delicious cheese ball recipe…


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